Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Christmas Lunch by Richard, Sula & Claire

Just before breaking up for the Christmas holidays, we hosted the annual Victoria House Christmas lunch. Every year we invite  people from the village, parents  and friends to join us for a home cooked Christmas lunch. Before sitting down to lunch everyone takes it in turns to light the candles on the Christmas tree while singing carols.

The day started at 5 o’clock in the morning when the 3 turkeys went in the oven. Sarah, Claire, Ellen, Richard and Joe got up to deal with the turkeys.
At 8.00 am the fire alarm went off because the kitchen was full of smoke, this got everyone else out of bed, even Andrew. From  then on, everyone was busy decorating and laying tables, preparing vegetables and cooking. 

Here's what the tables looked like:

At 12 o'clock, people began to arrive and by 12.30 we were all singing carols. Then dinner was served and it was fantastic. There were at least forty people and everyone enjoyed themselves very much. 

Lot's of people were taking photos but we were very busy so didn't take any once lunch had been served. If you have any photos, please let us have a few and we'll put them on the blog.

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