Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Vicarage Féte

Every year there is a fete at the vicarage that we help with. This year’s fete was held on Saturday. The weather was strange, first it was bucketing down, then the sun came out and finally we had hail stones.

As always we set up a stall selling things we make in the weavery and coffee shop.

Mike (the vicar) drove his toy train around the garden, taking children for a ride. It seems that Carol might have been a bit confused about who the ride was for (see picture)

Claire and Andrew were in charge of the bouncy castle, which despite having to wipe the rain off, raised over ten pounds. They were also not very strict with the children-only policy but then who could resist George’s smiling face?

As ever, Rachel could be found rifling through the bargains at the book stall.

Joe’s skittles proved very popular

There was also a tombola, coconut shy, plant stall and a number of different bands playing. It was a great day.

This article was written by Claire, Andrew, Rachel, Sula, William and Richard with photography by Andrew.



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